Embark on a sensory journey through the Garden

The perfect retreat

An idyllic place and a must-see attraction on São Miguel Island.

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Centuries of History

Centuries of History

The unique mystique of one of the most beautiful gardens in the world

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Summer Itinerary

Summer Itinerary

We chose the best stops for your seasonal route. Start an immersive journey through nature's magic of summer.

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    10:30 AM to 4:30 PM

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    01:30 hours

Summer itinerary
Summer Itinerary

The Collections at Parque Terra Nostra

Each plant collection living in these gardens tells a different story. Impressive in size and diversity, you can get lost in one of the world's most renowned collections and discover the plants that map the history of this Garden, considered one of the 250 best gardens in the world

Thermal Baths in a centenary Garden

In Furnas Valley, inside one of the World's largest hydropolises, there is a thermal pool fed by a volcanic spring with a temperature of 42ºC (108ºF). 

It's not just the mystique that surrounds it that makes the Garden's feature pool one of its most famous attractions. Filled with water rich in iron and other minerals highly beneficial for the skin, our pool provides a feeling of absolute relaxation that you must experience.

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Join us in this Immersive Experience

The visit to Parque Terra Nostra offers an unparalleled magical experience.
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