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The Bensaude Group

200 years of vision and evolution towards the future

With exceptional adaptability and strategic vision, the Bensaude Group has continuously expanded its presence for over 200 years. It has become the largest private business entity in the Azores and ranks among the top 100 companies with Portuguese capital.

Presently, the Group has over thirty companies spanning five business areas and employs a workforce of more than 3,000 dedicated team members across the Azores, mainland Portugal, and Madeira.

The Group's business areas

  • Distribution

    We deliver superior quality

  • Energy

    We provide energy

  • Shipping and Logistics

    We get to everyone

  • Tourism

    The best of hospitality

  • Services

    By your side daily

Our mission and our values

Guided by honesty, ambition, customer service, and sustainability, our mission is to create lasting value and a rich legacy for future generations. We strive to strengthen our current business areas while embracing innovation and opening new doors to pioneering projects.

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Our mission and our values
Our mission and our values

A tradition that moves us into tomorrow

Our rich history, rooted in enduring values and traditions, is the foundation for our visionary journey toward the future.

As pioneers in shipping, logistics, and tourism services in the Azores, these pillars remain crucial to our operations, providing valuable insights as we explore new business areas.

Our investments are guided by a clear, strategic vision prioritizing sustainable growth for the activities and regions we serve. With a long-term outlook, we aim to foster prosperity and success across our ventures and operational areas.

A tradition that moves us into tomorrow

We are committed to the Azores

Our deep-rooted connection with the Azores region is integral to our identity and the positive development of our endeavors.

As a result, we actively engage in the region's sustainable growth through businesses that fortify its foundation, create new opportunities, and showcase the full potential of the Azores. We take pride in preserving our roots and contributing to the region's brighter future.

We are committed to the Azores

Our board

Meet the members of the Board of Directors of the Bensaude Group.
Find out who is part of our Executive Board and what our Organizational Structure looks like.

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