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88th anniversary of Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

88th anniversary of Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

20 Apr 2023

Terra Nostra Garden Hotel turns 88 years old!

Since 1935 Terra Nostra has been providing a service of excellence with unique experiences to all its guests.
The hotel organized a ceremony with retired and former team members to celebrate this special date, planting a camphor tree near Terra Nostra Garden's Thermal Pool. Following a heartfelt and uplifting message from General Manager Simão Markovitch, his words were carefully sealed within an empty bottle and gently placed beside the tree. This time capsule will be unveiled and read during the hotel's 100th-anniversary celebration in 2035.

This was followed by a birthday cake with a toast at Botania Hall. 
To extend the festivities, an exciting game was initiated on the Facebook and Instagram pages of Terra Nostra Garden Hotel and Terra Nostra. A total of 8 stays were offered through Facebook, and another 8 stays were made available through Instagram, symbolizing the cherished 88 years of the hotel's legacy. Join the celebration by following these pages, and don't forget to share the joy with your loved ones.