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Parque Terra Nostra inaugurates new infrastructure and unveils new image

Parque Terra Nostra inaugurates new infrastructure and unveils new image

07 Jun 2024

Parque Terra Nostra’s new infrastructure and branding were unveiled on June 1st at an event attended by the President of the Government of the Azores, José Manuel Bolieiro, the Mayor of Povoação, Pedro Melo, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bensaude Group, António Castro Freire. The event concluded with a performance by Tiago Bettencourt in the gardens of Parque Terra Nostra.

The new changing rooms, ticket office, exhibition space, shop, access points, and scenic night lighting elevate the existing botanical, touristic, architectural, and recreational features of the Garden. Internationally renowned for its Thermal Pool and the preservation of numerous plant species, some of which are endangered, these enhancements further solidify the Garden's status as a premier destination.With these new infrastructures, the Bensaude Hotels Collection aims to elevate the botanical garden to a world-class standard and establish it as a global reference in botany and environmental conservation. The infrastructures were built in perfect harmony with the Garden and the natural landscape of the 12.5-hectare park, which includes one of the world's most remarkable collections of camellias, with over 800 different specimens, century-old trees, a fern collection, vireya garden, and one of the world’s largest collections of cycads.

Parque Terra Nostra Garden’s new website showcases a modern and minimalist design, aligning with the Garden's refreshed image. The site contains a comprehensive botanical library, offering detailed information on the various plant species within Parque Terra Nostra, including their characteristics and natural habitats.

New changing rooms, ticket offices, exhibit space, and shop

Parque Terra Nostra now features changing rooms covered by a long vault that opens into an arcade facing the garden, evoking the picturesque romantic grotto theme. A new, fully glass-enclosed ticket office, exhibition space, and shop also emphasize a transparent relationship with the surrounding gardens. For this area, Pedro Maurício Borges, the architect responsible for the project, chose a design integrated into the vegetation rather than an isolated structure.

The use of concrete reminiscent of pumice stone is inspired by the gaseous volcanoes of Furnas, connecting the work to this geology. The pores in the stone allow moss to take hold, demonstrating that architecture and vegetation function as a whole.

The theme of concave and convex shapes is evident throughout the entire design, inspired by Botania Hall and the Thermal Pool, as well as by the Gardener's House and the Serpentine Canal.

Architect Luís Ribeiro led the scenic night lighting project, introducing a concept that plays with varying directions and intensities to create a mix of darker and brighter spots. With over 230 lighting fixtures strategically placed, the Garden offers a nighttime experience while being environmentally sustainable. These LED-equipped lights are powered by approximately 5,900 meters of cables carefully laid out in trenches spanning about 2,300 meters. The construction process prioritized protecting the Garden's vegetation with monitoring by dedicated teams to minimize any disruption to the root structure of the valuable existing vegetation.

Rebranding of Parque Terra Nostra

The rebranding adds value to the different components and products that make up Parque Terra Nostra, namely the botanical, touristic, architectural, and recreational aspects. The goal is to modernize the projection of Parque Terra Nostra nationally, as well as in the USA, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland markets.

Label carried out Parque Terra Nostra’s rebranding, marking a new phase in the international projection of this iconic tourist attraction on São Miguel Island, in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, aiming to be more approachable and minimalistic. The tagline "An enchanting legacy" sets the tone for the modernization of the image, which is accompanied by new infrastructures in this botanical garden. 

The new logo symbolizes the essence and beauty of Parque Terra Nostra. With its floral and organic quality, the font design complements the symbol's geometry, exuding a connected vibe now highlighted in a first-person narrative. The tagline "An enchanting legacy" encapsulates the Garden's past since its inception in 1775, under various ownerships over time. Since 1936, it has been part of the Bensaude Hotels Collection.

The brand now offers a range of products such as apparel, accessories, bath essentials, games and trinkets, paper goods, and artwork—all drawing inspiration from the wonders of nature.