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Terra Nostra Garden Hotel

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An iconic hotel in the Azores

Terra Nostra Garden Hotel was the first hotel in the Azores and among the early ones in the country. Opened in 1935 by Sociedade Terra Nostra, it lent its name to the surrounding garden, which has been its primary source of inspiration from the beginning.

With over eighty years of history, the hotel retains the charm and exclusivity of its past, offering 86 rooms in two buildings that showcase the Art Deco and Naturalism architectural styles inspired by the lush landscapes of the Azores, São Miguel, and Furnas.

Today, Terra Nostra Garden Hotel is recognized as one of the world's top "Green Retreats" by Condé Nast Traveler, providing visitors with an unforgettable stay in harmony with nature.

Terra Nostra as your private garden

The ultimate Garden experience comes with a stay at Terra Nostra Garden Hotel.

As an exclusive perk for all hotel guests, you will enjoy 24-hour access to the Thermal Pool and the Garden. Whether you wish to explore the Garden during off-hours, bask in the pool under the moonlight, or simply savor the tranquility at any time, it will feel like having your own private garden throughout your stay.

Terra Nostra as your private garden

Nature at the service of the hotel

At Terra Nostra Garden Hotel, we fully embrace the incredible potential of Furnas Valley by prioritizing the preservation of natural resources and celebrating Azorean products. One exceptional representation of this commitment is our renowned Cozido das Furnas, a sustainable meal cooked underground using the volcanic hot springs' natural heat. You can savor this unique dining experience while surrounded by the Garden's breathtaking exotic ambiance.

Our brand-new Terra Nostra Restaurant is dedicated to providing an exceptional culinary journey, with an extensive selection of wines and a menu designed to delight even the most discerning gastronomes. We honor the rich traditions and resources of the region while remaining attuned to the latest culinary trends, ensuring a remarkable dining experience that harmoniously blends the best of both worlds.

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Nature at the service of the hotel