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Architectural Landscape at Parque Terra Nostra

A jewel of the art of gardening that has evolved with time

It began in the 18th century as an ornamental lake with plenty of fish, focused on socializing around the water and taking boat rides. In the 19th century, it was influenced by the German Romantic school, which designed gardens so that they would provoke emotions in those who walked in them, and by the English school, in the escape from the straight line and the return to ancient forms. The neo-baroque influences of French gardens, present in the iconic Alameda da Memória or Memory Promenade, come together and, with the creation of the Hotel, in 1935, the geometry of Art Deco is added.

The synergy between all these influences and the landscape richness of Parque Terra Nostra make it unique as far as Portuguese, European, and world gardens — a botanical and architectural work of art of national and international significance.

Unmatched setting

The combination of influences is the main characteristic of the eclectic gardens of the 19th century. The Azores and, in particular, São Miguel Island, have a unique collection of gardens from that period in the world, and Parque Terra Nostra is the one that best preserved the typical eclecticism of the times in the history of landscape design.

It maintained the marks of the past, improved its work in botanical collecting, and added new plants and other works of art and architecture. Embracing both its history and forward-looking vision, our gardens continue to flourish. Thus, a visit to Parque Terra Nostra reaps the rewards of its architectural, botanical, and landscape marvels, showcasing the true essence of its beauty and worth.

Unmatched setting

Our must-see spots

From the grottoes to the serpentine canal and the famous Sugar Bowl Gazebo to the notable Botania Hall, the Garden's architectural landscape pairs with the botanical abundance to make your experience unforgettable. Find out the history and all the tidbits you can't miss about our must-see spots.

To add value to what is priceless

The 2023 construction works favor the dialogue between architectural and plant elements to create an idyllic landscape.

The new changing rooms and its landscaped roof are reminiscent of the romantic-picturesque caves in the Garden. The use of concrete reminiscent of pumice stone is inspired by the steamy volcanoes of Furnas, bringing the work closer to that geology. The small cavities in the stone allow the moss to penetrate, showing the architecture and vegetation function as a whole.

The theme of concave and convex respects the design of the entire production inspired by Casa do Parque (Botania Hall) and the tiny island mid Pool, as well as by Gardener's House and the serpentine canal.

To add value to what is priceless

Gardens are paradise

With a contemporary design style, the gardens prove that it is possible to evolve a landscape that was already priceless while preserving the spirit of the location.

From the smallest detail to the big picture landscape, every part of the Garden was thought out to create a monument. The Garden's scenic lighting brings out the magic of a day trip at night, offering Terra Nostra Garden Hotel guests the chance to enjoy the Garden's idyllic nocturnal landscape at any time of the day. Nothing was left to chance.

Gardens are paradise