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The perfection of Nature at the heart of the island

A thermal pool known worldwide, an unparalleled botanical richness represented by the most varied collections of flowers, architectural treasures with centuries of history, gardens of romantic inspiration, and abundant magic. This is Parque Terra Nostra, one of the world's "Best Green Retreats," according to Condé Nast Traveler.

Since 1782, in Furnas Valley

In the heart of Furnas Valley lies a timeless treasure – Parque Terra Nostra, which boasts over two centuries of history. Its origins trace back to the arrival of American merchant Thomas Hickling, captivated by the area's allure. Enamored with its charm, he envisioned his own haven of relaxation, which continues to allure and delight thousands of visitors to this very day.

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Since 1782, in Furnas Valley

Botany of the World

12,5 hectares (31 acres) of abundant and diverse flora to mesmerize every visitor. Home to rare botanical specimens from Europe and the world, many with centuries of history, it also hosts significant world-renowned collections, such as our famous Camellia Collection.

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Botany of the World
Botany of the World

The power of the thermal waters

The allure of the Garden's thermal pool extends far beyond its mystique; it is truly one of its most renowned attractions.

Sourced from the volcanic hot springs, the pool's water maintains an inviting average temperature of 37°C (99°F). Abundant in iron and other beneficial minerals for the skin, the thermal water bestows a sense of absolute relaxation upon those who dip in.

The same thermal water network that feeds the pool fills the jacuzzis, creating yet another opportunity to feel nature's embrace. Encircled by lush vegetation, these jacuzzis are another delightful point of contact with the enchanting essence that envelops Parque Terra Nostra.

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The power of the thermal waters

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