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The History of Our Waters

The Pool at the center of Parque Terra Nostra

During the early 1780s, Thomas Hickling commissioned the construction of a summer house in Furnas Valley, famously known throughout history as Yankee Hall. The property, referred to as Tanque or Tank, earned its name due to the sheer magnificence of its gigantic recreational pool, setting it apart from all other properties in the Valley.

Originally intended for fishing and boating, the Tank/Pool gradually opened its doors to the public on Sundays and special feast days. Little did anyone foresee the astounding success that Parque Terra Nostra would achieve over time, drawing in thousands of visitors captivated by the rejuvenating power of the iron baths in the thermal pool.

Evolution in history

During the 18th century, the 'Tank' existed on a much smaller scale, featuring the "island" at its center and a connecting bridge to the bank. It wasn't until 1935, under the restoration efforts led by Vasco Bensaude, that his Thermal Water Pool underwent significant expansion, transforming it into the structure we recognize today. This modernized version now includes the infusion of hot and iron thermal waters, enhancing the allure and therapeutic properties of this remarkable site.

Evolution in history

The discovery of thermal waters

Furnas stands as one of the world's largest hydro-therapeutic centers, boasting an abundance of thermal waters. Throughout history, the Garden has remained intricately tied to the county's development as a prominent hub for thermal tourism. Many stories refer to the Parque Terra Nostra pool as a therapeutic haven, offering remedies for a wide array of ailments ever since it began to be supplied with thermal water. Enriched with a bountiful composition of magnesium, iron, and calcium, these mineral-rich waters have been sought after for their healing properties, making the Garden a cherished destination for those seeking rejuvenation and well-being.

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The discovery of thermal waters
The discovery of thermal waters

Our thermal paradise in numbers

  • Average water temperature


    Average water temperature

  • Thermal Pool


    Thermal Pool

  • Thermal Jacuzzis


    Thermal Jacuzzis

The creation of the Jacuzzis

Water takes center stage in the lower section of the Garden, separated from the higher areas by a steep slope. It flows through the Ribeira Amarela or Yellow Stream, a border to the Garden, meandering through channels and lakes and filling the Jacuzzis.

Built in 2015 and 2016, surrounded by lush vegetation, our Jacuzzis offer two additional relaxation zones. These enchanting spots are supplied by the same water source that nourishes the main thermal pool, ensuring a harmonious connection with nature and a blissful experience for all visitors.

The creation of the Jacuzzis